Naya Taaza

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Coming Up - Announcements & Events

  • 31 Jan
    Career Counselling for Class IX Parents All Day

  • 31 Jan
    CODE All Day

    CODE - The Committee Organizing Diverse Events - all set to ignite learning minds!

  • 02 Feb
    Sports Practice Day 1 (Sr) All Day

    Senior section takes on the challenge: practice day 1 begins!

  • 02 Feb
    Field Trip - Class III 08:00 AM to 01:00 PM

    Class III to go on field trip; parents will receive info via School Circular, insha'allah.

  • 03 Feb
    Sports Practice Day 2 (Sr) All Day

    Seniors are not taking it lightly: practice day 2 all set!

  • 03 Feb
    Field Trip - Class IV 08:00 AM to 01:00 PM

    Class IV goes on field trip; parents will receive School Circular with necessary details, insha'allah.

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Wise Rulers & Wisdom

“Whoever intends to advise one with authority, then he should not do so publicly. Rather, he should take him by the hand and advise him in seclusion. If he accepts the advice, then all is well. If he does not accept it, then he has fulfilled his duty.”

Source: Musnad Ahmad 14909